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A pressure washer cleans dirty pavement.

Three eco-friendly power washing chemicals to use commercially or at home

Eco-friendly power washing is possible with pre-made and DIY alternatives. Cleaning chemicals can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to environmentally harmful products, but we’re here to help! 

1. Eco-Gen Pressure Washer Soap (link)

There are only a handful of brands that specifically offer eco-friendly power washing soaps, and Eco-Gen is one of them. Eco-Gen offers a biodegradable pressure washing concentrate that is commercial grade. 

Why we love it: 

  • It’s commercial grade. With commercial grade pressure washing solutions, you can expect to remove stains and debris with more ease than homemade or non-commercial grade products. 
  • It’s a concentrate. With a pressure washing concentrate, you use a small amount of product to make a much larger amount of solution. This reduces emissions because of lighter shipping weights and reduced plastic in packaging. 
  • It’s biodegradable and plant safe. This means your cleaning project won’t kill your landscaping or other plants.

Eco-Gen Pressure Washer Soap product information: 

  • Recommended dilution: 1:64 (2 oz per gallon of water)
  • Uses: concrete, heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, tanks, rigs, drilling equipment, buildings, decks, roofs and more

2. Ultimate Washer Products (link)

Ultimate Washer now carries an entire line of eco-friendly pressure washing chemicals that are marketed for specific uses. 

Why we love it: 

  • The entire lineup is free of bleach and ammonia. Bleach is used specifically for killing microorganisms, and it’s harmful to people, plants and animals, too. 
  • All the products are biodegradable. Not only do Ultimate Washer products not contain obviously harmful ingredients, but they are also completely biodegradable. 
  • Wide variety of eco-friendly pressure washing detergents. We love that this brand hasn’t traded harmful chemicals for a one sided alternative. They made an entire lineup! 

Ultimate Washer product information: 

  • Each product has unique dilution instructions and marketed uses. 
  • Examples of specific product uses include house wash, multi-purpose concentrate, heavy duty degreaser, aluminum brightener, and more. 

3. Make Your Own Pressure Washer Soap with Vinegar

Perhaps the most sustainable way to use an eco-friendly pressure washer chemical is to use no chemicals at all. You can make a simple pressure washing detergent using just vinegar and water. 

Why we love it: 

  • No packaging. While we’re talking about eco-friendly pressure washing chemical alternatives, we can also consider packaging alternatives. You can find vinegar at a refill store (which is like a bulk section at a grocery store, but it’s its own store and includes soaps and other products!), or in less wasteful packaging like glass.
  • Make only as much as you need. When you make your own detergent, you can customize the amount to minimize waste. 
  • It’s completely safe and non-toxic. This one speaks for itself. It’s just vinegar!  

How to make it: 

  • Dilute one cup of vinegar in one gallon of water. That’s it!