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Where to buy eco-friendly business cards online

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to find eco-friendly business cards online (to view only the list, scroll to the bottom of this page). Plus, everything you need to know about the types and levels of impact different eco-friendly business cards have. 

What to look for when searching for eco-friendly business cards

While many companies now advertise sustainable business cards clearly, there are a few tips that are helpful to find business cards that are truly eco-friendly. 

Eco-Friendly Papers

There are two main types of eco-friendly paper. The first is recycled papers, which are what they sound like: papers made from already-produced paper instead of from fresh trees. The second category is FSC-certified paper. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council ®, which is an independent third party that reviews and certifies whether paper fibers are sourced and created in a sustainable way. 

  1. Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is more sustainable than newly created paper because it has already been processed once. It takes less energy, emissions and wood to recycle paper than it does to turn fresh wood pulp into new paper. Plus, you can recycle the paper again at the end of its life.

  1. FSC-Certified Paper 

The Forest Stewardship Council ® reviews producers in the timber industry for sustainable and ethical practices (including fair labor practices!). One benefit of FSC-certified paper is that it mostly resembles non-eco-friendly papers in its texture and uniformity, which can sometimes differ in recycled papers. Some eco-friendly papers are both recycled and FSC-certified. 

Where to buy eco-friendly business cards online

    • All paper is FSC-certified
    • In-depth information about each type of paper (percent recycled, whether it is recyclable, etc) 
    • Easy website to use
  2. greenerprinter
    • Calls itself America’s Leading Eco-Friendly Printer
    • Soy-based inks and carbon offsetting programs
    • 100% biodegradable and recycled papers available on some products
    • All papers FSC-certified 
  3. EcoEnclose
    • All papers are FSC-certified
    • Black algae ink available for orders of 10,000 or more
    • Varying levels of recycled paper. Company says it is looking to replace its two papers that are not 100% recycled
    • Transparent sourcing of paper